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Cooling water systems are used in many industries to remove waste heat from the process to the environment. It is concerned with avoiding corrosion, scale, and sludge formation. Its lower temperatures compared with boiler water mean that microbiological growth can be a problem in cooling water systems. Thick biofilms of bacteria, algae, or fungi can grow in unprotected cooling water and other raw water systems. Larger organisms such as barnacles, zebra mussels, and jellyfish can also pose problems. Cooling waters can also host the Legionella bacteria that can cause human illness if contaminated cooling waters are aerosolized. Filter Art’s fine filtration turns out to be extremely beneficial in these processes.


Cooling tower water is usually contaminated by dust, sand, pollen, algae, and pipe scales. These type of pollution circulate through heat exchangers, chillers, and compressors, and significantly reducing the system’s cooling capacity. Dirt particles in the water foul the system by settling on warm surfaces.

Filter-Art filters are designed to limit microbiological growth, save energy, lengthen equipment life, and reduce maintenance through high-efficiency filtration. Cleaner heat transfer surfaces create energy savings, and cleaner pumps and heat exchangers allow for less maintenance and unscheduled downtime. Our systems are engineered to save water by using a minimal flow during backwash, creating a decreased need for system makeup.

Filtration is one of the simplest steps and most convenient ways of solving these problems.


Filter Art self-cleaning water filters turns out to be the ultimate solution in filtration where dirty water is a problem. The self-cleaning process is triggered by a pressure differential and is accomplished in seconds without interrupting the main flow, while using a very small amount of flush-water. The filters are extremely compact in size and designed to meet a variety of industrial applications.



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