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Filter Art filter




5 – 1500 m3/h

In a single vessel


5 – 30 micron



Only 1 – 3% 

Flushing water

Today. . . Water filtration technology of the future !

Filter Art is a water management solutions provider established in 2013. Our focus is on developing, manufacturing and introducing innovative water treatment solutions based on self-cleaning filters and physical separation technology in focused applications ranging from greenhouse and soil-less agriculture to industrial and petrochemical water treatment processes. Each water treatment solution is customized for the customer’s specific application in order to offer clear value to their processes.

The patented technology is designed to filter solids down to 5 micron in incoming water-streams so that other polishing post filtration technologies can operate much more efficiently at very low operational cost. This water can come from the municipalities, rivers, lakes, well’s or sea’s.

Industrial applications

FILTER ART has 7 modular models with flow rates from 1-1,500 m3/h in a single filter vessel. Filter Art’s industrial MICRON-ART filters down to 5 micron with the lowest flush water, lowest energy use and smallest footprint in the market. Filter Art offers carbon steel and stainless steel filters or upon request other materials such as super duplex.

MICRON-ART filters are a reassurance for uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of industrial plants and installations. With the unique and extremely effective automatic cleaning process, you also extend the maintenance intervals, thereby keeping your operating costs low and avoiding unwanted production shutdowns.

Agricultural & nematode applications


Filter Art’s self-cleaning irrigation water filters are designed to fulfill the growing need for efficient and effective irrigation filtration. The filters are typically designed to filter out suspended solids down to 5 micron and plays a significant part in control of pathogens such as Fusarium (TR-4).


Filter Art AG units remove the infectious stages of the Nematodes- J2 and cysts- from irrigation water. As a result, the nematode proliferation and breeding cycle is interrupted and consequently, their population decreases drastically.


E-mail: info@filter-art.com

Phone: +972 54-215-6607

Our focus is on developing, manufacturing and introducing innovative water treatment solutions based on self-cleaning filters