Filter Art filter



Filter Art has developed an extremely compact self-cleaning filtration system that purifies water down to 5 microns (smallest footprint in the market). FilterArt’s patented technology allows you and your engineers to improve the filtration process to a new water quality level and finally without disposables. Filter Art’s unique modular design enable’s to produce flow rates from 5 -1500 m³/h in one single unit. In modular configurations the capacity can be unlimited. With decades of experience in filtration of water, Filter Art systems are equipped  with unique technology supported with extensive knowledge to integrate it successfully into industrial and agricultural water applications.

How it works

Designed and customised for fine filtration in regular and extreme environments. Filter Art units are rugged, mechanically reliable and flexible on the process side.  In order to perfectly suit our partners process objectives, adjustments can be made during installation, while ensuring better protection for equipment and resources. 

  1. Dirty water enters through the inlet nozzle into the Vessel
  2.  The water passes from the outside of the filter disk to the inside
  3. The clean water exits the filter through the outlet nozzle
  4. As water passes through the filterscreens, the dirt particles are collected on outside of the screen. This causes a pressure drop.
  5. When the pressure drop reaches a preset level, the cleaning cycle is initiated. The innovative vacuum screen cleaner fiercely suctions the dirt from the outside of the screen and flushes it out the drainpipe.

Technical details

Typical benefits:
  • Lowest Flush water use (2%)
  • Lowest Energy consumption 
  • Smallest footprint (60% smaller)
  • The most efficient screen cleaning mechanism in the market
  • Flexible and modular systems


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Our focus is on developing, manufacturing and introducing innovative water treatment solutions based on self-cleaning filters