Offshore platforms are always striving to be as self-contained as possible, including the ability to produce specialised water qualities for various operations. Filter Art has developed extremely efficient on a very small footprint, process filtration technology for water used in crude oil desalting, and turbine wash-water injection. From exploration to refining, unwanted pollution must be removed to maintain.

Filter Art is specialised in the production of fully automatic self-cleaning water filtration systems. We design, manufacture and commission tailor-made systems.

With our personal approach we aim to focus on the client’s specific requirements and most challenging demands. Filter Art systems are applicable for flows of 10 m3/h to 1500 m3/h in a single pressure vessel on a 60% smaller footprint compared to other automatic screen filter systems. The systems are modular and can be used for much larger flow when combined. The skid mounted systems includes filters, manifolds, automation, valves and all other instrumentation,



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Our focus is on developing, manufacturing and introducing innovative water treatment solutions based on self-cleaning filters