process water treatment

The main purpose of Industrial process water treatment is to facilitate the manufacturing process, reduce cost and help to support production for products of which water is an essential part in its composition, such as: 

  • Beverage processing
  • Detergents
  • Paper & pulp
  • Chemical processing
  • Machine parts etc. 

The use of process water is in many forms such as; fabrication, dilution, sanitation, cooling or incorporation of water into a product itself.




Applications of Filter Art
  • Sediment removal from industrial or process water
  • Water polishing for process use.
  • Pre-filtration and post filtration of multimedia resins, carbon and softeners
  • Meet water quality demands for product water.
  • Protection of valves, nozzles, pumps and other mechanical components
  • Protection of heat exchangers 
  • Reverse osmosis pre-filtration 
  • Increase the life of membranes systems


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Our focus is on developing, manufacturing and introducing innovative water treatment solutions based on self-cleaning filters