is too valuable

to waste!

Wastewater re-use
The quality of our treatment technologies allows for the reuse of the treated wastewater.
  • You can benefit from leading-edge fine filtration treatment for membrane systems or polishing for ozonisation, UV disinfection, etc. technologies.
  • Use the recycled water in agriculture or industry, for use in their process  or even to clean the roads or their facilities.
  • Avoid high discharge costs, while increasing the available water quantities.
Re-use wastewater for a variety of purposes 

Filtert Art’s filtration enables the re-use of wastewater for various non-domestic purposes:

  • Irrigation of agricultural land
  • Urban watering and cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning and process water
  • Seawater filtration 
Re-use water through high level filtration 

The Filter Art Innovative proces produces high quality filtered water to enable its re-use as pretreatment. Some post applications are: 

  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Membrane filtration

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