Irrigation water

Irrigation water use includes water application to sustain plant growth in agricultural and horticultural practices. Irrigation also includes water that is used for pre-irrigation, frost protection, chemical application, weed control, field preparation, crop cooling, harvesting, dust suppression, and leaching salts from the root zone. Most of the time the irrigation water needs to be treated, prior to watering the fields.

The water quality used for irrigation is essential for the yield and quantity of crops, maintenance of soil productivity, and protection of the environment.


Many farmers around the world rely on wastewater for their crops, but the practice can be dangerous without proper treatment and management.

With the demand for proper irrigation water treatment systems growing year on year, the Filter Art cutting-edge water treatment solution comes with great functional and operational benefits. These includes the very fine (up to 5 micron) filtration and extremely efficient automatic cleaning system to keep maintenance to a minimum.

At the moment, the largest flow rate we can get through a single unit is up to  1500 m³/hour so we can cover most applications as standard.



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